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  • spot vital_sign_welchallynCheck vital signs rapidly, automatically - and economic - with the new Spot Vital Signs Monitor

    Fast and accurate - BP, pulse rate, temperature and SpO2 in about 30 seconds

    Multiparameter and modular so you can select precisely the vital signs you need

    Oximetry Masimo ® or Nellcor ® optional

    Optional SureTemp ® thermometry

    IR connectivity to interface with computerized patient records

    Portable or mounted on your car or on the wall

    Large LCD display, bright and easy to read

    It offers one of the multiparameter instruments cheaper market

    Fully upgradeable to meet changing user needs

    Integrated battery which improves long term continuous operation portability

    Hospital-grade equipment now offering better quality and clinical performance.

  • c pap_mascarilla_INGLESThe "Handheld" CAREvent® CPAP System (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), provides superiordelivery in a simple and compact device, that can fit easily into your existing oxygen kit. The “ease of use” design concept and unique single use patient circuit with face mask, head harness and airway pressure gauge makes application and operation of the CAREvent® CPAP extremely simple for the rescuer and more comfortable and less distressing for the patient.

    CPAP has been proven to provide an effective method of treating respiratory distress from CHF, Asthma, COPD and pneumonia without having to intubate the patient. This is achieved by forcing fluid out of the alveolar space back into the interstitium, “splinting” open the alveoli, preventing alveolar collapse and allowing unimpeded alveolar ventilation. This provides more surface area for gas exchange, improving diffusion and oxygen uptake.

    CPAP improves the patient's breathing, decreases pre-load and after-load of the heart, improves lung compliance, increases functional residual capacity, and decreases work of breathing. By providing mask CPAP the early improvement in the patient's breathing reduces the need for drug interventions, intubation and ICU admission.

  • smart-bag-o two_inglesFeatures:

    Single Occupancy.
    Available in two models (adults and children).
    The use of the transparent mask allows easy monitoring of skin color, signs of vomiting or body fluids.
    Complete with oxygen tank system.
    Controlled flow.
    Air pressure controlled.
    Controlled ventilation.
    Reduced risk of gastric insufflation